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The MuseFest Experience

Our artist lineup, what to expect and more!

Attending Artists*

*Subject to change

Daisy The Great

Daisy the Great is an American indie pop band from Brooklyn led by Kelley Nicole Dugan and Mina Walker. The song "Record Player" from their debut album was released in August of 2021, with additional verses and production performed by AJR. It went to number 6 on the Billboard Alternative Airplay chart.

Jess Novak 

Jess Novak is a triple threat singer, songwriter, musician who takes no prisoners. With a fiddle on fire, powerful vocals and a fierce band behind her, this pop, rock, soul-pumped group from Syracuse, New York brings passion to every performance. Known for their energy, superb musicianship, engaging songwriting and ability to win any crowd, this is a band on the rise.

Cait Devin

Cait Devin is a 20 year old musician, benefit planner, and new writer for Guitar World. Though prominently alternative pop, her roots are in indie rock, contemporary, & more. Due to this blend of influences, she reaches a diverse range of audiences and has experience in many genres.

Lipstick & Whiskey

Lipstick & Whiskey is a powerhouse collaboration of two CNY favorites. Jes Sheldon is the illegitimate love child of Grace Slick and Nina Simone. Normally wielding a microphone, she also plays baritone ukulele even some kazoo. Versatile violinist Liz “Fiddle” Simchik can be seen and heard playing on just about every scene. She brings her throwback vocals and soulful violin as well as some fingerpicking guitar to this special duo.

Giovanina Bucci

Giovanina Bucci is a singer-songwriter based out of Burlington, VT. She is a member of the Blues/Soul/Roots Rock group, Nina’s Brew, as a vocalist and rhythm guitar player. Born and raised in Plattsburgh, NY, Giovanina has spent the latter half of her life attempting to appease a relentless appetite for travel and exploration. 

Alyssa Rose

A small town girl with a gypsy soul, Alyssa Rose had been traveling with her guitar for many years before hitting the stage. She kicked off her performing career in the summer of 2015 and has played everything from small, intimate settings like Club Passim in Cambridge, MA to larger venues like The Westcott Theater in Syracuse, NY since. 

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